Friday, June 22, 2012

NYC Yoga

These days New York City has been taken by hundreds or meybe thousand of Yoga's practitioners. It must have been an awesome performance as you can check out in the pictures below:

Source: Lindsay Funston  from Whole Living

The purpose of this huge gathering in the middle of Times Square was the summer solstice celebration. The event had an international impact for its singularity. A lot of people doing yoga and projecting such a state of wellness in a place like that would be a must.

Scenes like these make me come up with the idea of giving back the art of being in peace inner and outside of ourselves, even in places where it seems impossible to be. Yoga but also Reiki, Tai Chi and so on, every discipline allowing us to find our real role in life. The number of the participants and the mediatc impact also abroad, is a demostration of a truth always denied, so, there is another way of doing things, of getting a life and stay all together whichs doesn't need money, tricks, or harries to be done.

As you might see, the philosophies I'm talking about, come from the Far East. There, where it seems to be yet a closeness between human being and the essence of life which envolves us from the beginning. These lost feelings nowadays in the west. Or, watching the pictures, maybe there is a chance...

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