Monday, July 23, 2012

Very Rational

"Whatever has the mind as its source! Mind is the leading builder and mind is all that was done. If a person speaks or acts with impure mind, suffering will follow him in the same way as the wheel follows the ox pulling the wagon. "

"Whatever has the mind as its source! Mind is the leading builder and the mind is anything created. If a person speaks and acts with pure mind, happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him."


Hi there! 

Sometimes in Life, we all must afford very complicated situations. Economic deffaults, personal crisis or healing challenges, so it is in other words: health, love and money/material goods... the three global subjects whoever needs to take care of. A balanced life should be made of a complex mix of them as you may know. But, what I realized is that the three issues are, in fact, under command of our mind. All what you do or say, has been first created by your mind as a thought which, if powered or repeated enough times, becomes a real feeling. 

And here it is, our feelings, these which make us feel;  relaxed, happy, upset, destroyed, down, active, and so on. The way we feel frees chemical substances which are directed right to our brain conditioning the response our mind will order. In fact, all actions and commands flow from mind and, if that is true, we can easily think that having control over our mind we should control feelings and as a result, we would be able to control our responses or actions. 

Does it sound very rational? Well, these days I've been caught by the golden words of Buddha, up above. And I can't stop thinking of how much right their words are. It seems that, working hard about the idea of getting mind under control, it will allow us for getting really powerful and free of choice, free of living life the way we want under our own rules. We decide to be whatever, for good or even for bad; gentle, charming, critic, liar, sweet, whatever you want. But, as it will be always a free decision, at this point a question comes to me: 

Are we all ready to decide becoming responsable for our life?